Lumni Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that unites the techniques of Past-life Memory Regression, Clinical Apometry- mental projection in a quantum level- and Psychoanalytical Free Association.

A team of therapists in the care of Carmem Farage, mentor and founder of the Lumni approach, gives continuity to the studies linking philosophy, science and spirituality in a transformative and optimistic outlook for the fate of humanity, assisting in the evolutionary leap of human being's new Era.

Lumni's therapists' spiritual support is under the inspiration of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Naturally, we agree with his view of life as a phenomenon that can no longer be considered as a superficial accident in the universe. Instead, life should rather be considered to be under pressure in all directions, and ready to blow in a minor crack; no matter where in the universe, once manifested, it is impossible not to use every opportunity and means to reach the end of its potential, in its outward complexity and inward consciousness.

[Teilhard de Chardin view on humanity paraphrased from 'Le fénomène humaine,' 1956, p.50]

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